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WordPress White Screen of Death

What is the WordPress White Screen of Death

When WordPress is not working properly, it sometimes display a blank screen instead of your content whenever someone visits your site. This type of error called white screen of death.
This issue is frustrating for users because it locks you out of your WordPress admin panel. The worst thing about white screen of death is that sometimes it will only affect a certain part of your site. You may only see the white screen of death on your WordPress admin while everything else works fine.

Why do you get this error?

Majority of the time when you see a white screen of death, it means that you exhausted the memory limit.  It could be caused by a poorly coded theme that you are using. It could also mean that there is an issue with your web hosting server. 
If the issue is only with one of your sites, then this could be an issue with a plugin or theme that you are running.  If the issue is only happening with a single post or page, then you know it is definitely a problem with your specific site.  If the issue is with all of your sites, then it is a strong indicator that your web hosting provider is having some issues.
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What Causes a White Screen of Death?

There are several factors that can cause a white screen of death, but it’s usually one of three things.
  • An error being generated by a WordPress plugin
  • An error being generated by your WordPress theme
  • Some type of database error
The first two are the most common error, and easiest to diagnose as well.


How to Fix the White Screen of Death

If u want to fix the White Screen of Death, follow this –
1. Increase the Memory Limit- Mostly this issue happens because your memory being exhausted. You can increase your memory and then check it.

2. Deactivate any newly installed or upgraded plugins – The likely cause of your white screen is either a new plugin, or a recently upgraded plugin. Navigate to the plugin screen and deactivate any plugins that were recently upgraded, installed, or changed.
3. Deactivate all other plugins – If step one didn’t resolve the white screen for you, you’ll need to go through your active plugins list and deactivate them one at a time until the issue is resolved.
4 .Change your theme- If after you’ve deactivated every plugin on your site, you’re still getting a white screen, the cause is going to be either the theme or the database. Your next step should be to change your WordPress theme to one of the default WordPress themes. Their names are Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, etc.
       5.Look at server and caching configuration issues  – This is an advanced step that we won’t go over       much in this article, but once you’ve reached this point in the troubleshooting process and you’re still encountering the white screen of death, it’s probably time to contact your web host to see if they can see any issues occurring at the server level.  If you’re using a caching plugin on your site, it may just require flushing your site’s cache for things to return to normal.
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